Onoranze Funebri Ivan Trevisin - Treviso


An International group present in over twenty countries that has as its goal the transformation of human ashes into diamonds, in memory of the unique and wonderful life of loved ones. Go to the website


Funeral services for animals provided both at home and in veterinary clinics with the completion of all bureaucratic tasks, guaranteeing both individual and collective cremations and transport to animal cemeteries. Go to the website

Eternal Reefs Ball

The ashes are added to an eco-friendly concrete mixture. A program unique in its kind, a real monument that rests on the bottom of the sea. Go to the website

In poche parole

Writing service for funeral eulogies. My hand writes as you tell in order to turn words into strength for you, for your loved ones and to honor the memory of those who left you. Go to the website

Pulizia del lutto

Professional Organizers that relieve your fatigue and stress by accompanying you in change and offering support in moments of emotional blockage. Go to the website


A company founded in Switzerland in 2015 that realizes “the ring of remembrance”: a jewel with a soul shaped with the three most precious elements in the world: memory, gold and precious stones. Go to the website

Barbazza Garden Center

The care of greenery in the resting place of your loved ones. To keep their memory alive with a floral thought always fresh and cared for. Go to the website


As the Internet has become increasingly important, committing your memories and affections to posterity on a virtual and easy to access space is almost a necessity. Go to the website


Giesse works alongside those who unjustly suffer damage, defending them from the strong powers of the insurance giants so that they can obtain the right compensation. Go to the website


An Austrian company leader in the processing of ashes into sapphires or rubies, thanks to a process of extraction of all the elements necessary to create unique precious stones. Go to the website


A group of multidisciplinary professionals who have been dealing exclusively with hereditary succession for more than 40 years throughout Italy. They manage the practice from the post after the person’s death to the transfer to the heirs of the various assets. Go to the website

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