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We are always available 24/24 to provide you with professional and clear advice, based on experience and technical knowledge and, if necessary, to draw up free estimates. With a few simple questions we can quantify your needs by guiding you in the delicate phases of the organization of the funeral service or advising you on every detail.

About us

About us

An adventure that has lasted for 4 generations without ever ceasing to innovate.

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Our Services

Our Services

Counseling, anticipation, repatriation of bodies and much more. We are ready to guide you in the most complex situations thanks to the experience and professionalism of our team.

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We collaborate with international companies expert in offering every type of funeral service, to meet all your needs.

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In The Event Of Death

It will be our concern to coordinate what is needed to make your requests come true by taking care of you, with delicacy and attention, thanks to a master of ceremonies who will always be available to guide you in the delicate phases of the ceremony. Our concern will therefore be reserved both for your loved one and for you to alleviate this particular and delicate moment of your life.

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Our mission

The four cornerstones that guide our offer

Honour, Empathy, Professionalism and Experience


Pay public respect to a worthy person; honour the dead; honour the final wishes of your loved one; n. burial with full honours by means of a funeral service; in honour of, as an expression of respect for.


The ability to immediately understand the thoughts and moods of a person.


The skills that distinguish a professional from an amateur, such as competence, commitment, scrupulousness, etc.


The knowledge or skill acquired over time through experience, especially in a certain field.

The funeral honors of a loved one represent the last greeting expressed, the last gesture of affection, but bureaucracy, customs and above all the time, are the first difficulties that a family faces in these moments. difficult. Trust, therefore, is the only yardstick on which to rely to rely on those who know how to manage these situations efficiently, thanks to the experience gained over the years. Precisely for this reason, our first interest is customer care, the desire to relieve it completely from the heaviness of the organization and the bureaucracy of an event that nobody would ever want to face. Upon specific requests of the mourners we manage and organize the whole ceremony in a simple way, guaranteeing the total absence of complications and difficulties for the bereaved relatives, whatever the funeral rite chosen. Secular or religious, national or foreign, classic or more modern, the funeral must be organized, personalized and followed with discretion and spontaneity in all its parts.

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We are 24/7 available to provide clear and professional advice, based on knowledge and technical experience. In case of need, we are prepared to arrange free quotation.