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Do not hesitate to contact us in order to obtain the best possible assistance and an immediate solution to all your doubts; it will be our concern to coordinate what is needed to make your requests come true by taking care of you, with delicacy and attention, thanks to a master of ceremonies who will always be available to guide you through the delicate phases of the ceremony. Our concern will therefore be reserved both for your loved one and for you to alleviate this particular and delicate moment of your life.

Type of death

The cause of death is the situation that starts the process that ends with the death of a person and is used to monitor the health of the population and to evaluate the delivery of health services by defining their objectives. This can be of two types: natural, that is due to internal or pathological causes that can occur even in the absence of clinical symptoms, or violent, i.e. sudden and due to causes external to the body itself (formal recognition and authorization from the Prosecutor’s Office are required).

Place of death

Dwelling: the timely assessment of the death by the general practitioner or 118 is relevant and preserving the conservation of the body by deciding whether to keep it at home or transfer it to a different place.
Hospital and retirement home: the certification of the death is the responsibility of the structure and the conservation takes place in predetermined morgues unless the family members want to arrange otherwise for the vigil.
Post it away or no witnesses: always and only the judicial authority, informed of the fact, requests the intervention of the health bodies and orders the removal of the body for autopsy and judicial investigations.
Abroad: after receiving information from the local diplomatic office, contact a local funeral operator as only the health regulations in force in that country will be applied.

Type of burial


It is the deposition of the only wooden coffin containing a body in a pit dug in the soil inside a cemetery and normally follows the funeral, a rite in which, depending on the various cultures, the memory of the deceased person is celebrated, commemorated, remembered or Honored.



It is the burial in which the body is placed inside a zinc counter box with a minimum thickness of 0.66 mm and housed in a hermetically sealed solid wood coffin; subsequently the coffin thus packaged is placed in a concrete artefact such as a niche or a family tomb.



It is the process by which, through heat, the remains of the deceased contained in a wooden coffin are transformed into its basic elements (gas and bone fragments); it is a practice that has remained unchanged for millennia which allowed to believe in ancient cultures that fire was an agent of purification or that the passage of the deceased was illuminated in another world or prevented from returning.

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