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Printed materials

IVAN TREVISIN Funeral Directors customize all printed materials in order to make them unique. Whether they are epigraphs or thank you posters, memorial pictures or thank you cards, our care for quality and detail is always guaranteed by our commitment, precision and experience.


We take care of the display of wall thanks which reproduce the model chosen for the epigraph by displaying them within five working days in the same places chosen in order to be able to thank the greatest number of people who in any form wished to make their family feel close to them.

Trigesimo - anniversary

Only at the request of family members do we prepare special notices both in the form of wall posters and advertisements in local or national newspapers to communicate to the community the place, date and time of the celebration of a commemorative Holy Mass which takes place exactly thirty days after death or annually.

Register of signatures

In every place where a commemorative ceremony is officiated, both religious and secular, we take care to place a duly prepared table where there is a register available to the defendants to leave their own thoughts or simply affix their presence signature, any collectors for offers to be sent to selected entities and any photos for those who want a tangible memory.

Souvenir image

We customize all the mourning prints with passion, precision and competence in order to make them unique to meet the needs of our customers; we pay particular attention to the graphic processing of the photo chosen by family members and we provide them with a wide choice of secular and religious phrases that can be used to better highlight the particularities of the person who has passed away.

Mortuary hood

In compliance with current legislation, we supply funeral coffers in solid wood of different shapes and essences, always revisited in a simple and elegant key that can be customized both externally with religious signs and various handles in the most disparate colors, and internally with satin or fabrics of first choice furniture handcrafted down to the smallest detail and coordinated with the respective veils and cushions.

Caskets and Urns

IVAN TREVISIN Funeral Directors provide solid wood caskets of different shapes, always revisited in a simple and elegant style. Our coffins are always customized internally with first-class handcrafted fabrics and externally with metallic finishes that complete the design. Our urns go from minimalist cinerary urns to real works of art suited to the particular funeral and burial service required.

Burial chamber

We prepare with the utmost care and in every detail the room in which it will support the coffin for the vigil and the last greeting using both classic and modern furnishing accessories in order to recreate a family environment where to receive condolences from relatives and friends ; at the request of family members we add both fresh and synthetic floral compositions to recall the element that has always accompanied these moments.

Coffin sealing

Thanks to the new technologies available to us by the legislator, we carry out this delicate operation in the most respectful and silent way possible so as not to disturb the present in an extremely delicate moment that even modern psychology defines as the definitive detachment from the mortal remains of the deceased, the greatest moment. of pain of relatives after the actual departure of the loved one.


We guarantee a continuous and discreet supervision of the conditions of conservation of the body until the moment of sealing the coffin using the latest generation of cooling systems, which allow the natural vision of one’s loved one without the impediment of particular lids that prevent physical contact; in fact we manage to avoid unpleasant inconveniences that can occur during the entire waking period.

Tombs - tombstones - ossuaries

We offer different solutions and materials to customize the place where the remains of your loved one will be kept, completing it with the affixing of the name, personal data, a lamp, a vase for flowers and any religious or civil signs that if necessary we can define on particular needs of our customers. Any customization is possible thanks to the process of engraving the materials.

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