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Funeral honors represent the last farewell expressed, but bureaucracy, habits, customs and, above all, time, are the difficulties faced by the family in these particular moments. Trust is the only yardstick to rely on those who manage these situations efficiently. There are four key points that guide us:

EMPATIA:ability to immediately understand the client's thoughts and moods.

EXPERIENCE:practical knowledge of the funeral industry, acquired with time and practice.

HONORS:a series of public events intended to honor a person's presence or memory.

PROFESSIONALISM:set of qualities that differentiate the professional from the amateur, such as competence, consistency and scrupulosity.

IVAN TREVISIN - president

Born in this sector, believer of the continuous need for training and fascinated by social change in respect of the cult of the dead. The countless study and work trips in the funeral sector in Italy and abroad, the continuous contact with many colleagues, necessary for a constant comparison, have meant that the attention to the changes was such as to push me to a progressive adaptation to the new needs that are created.

vice president

Graduated in Statistics and Computer Science for business management, with a strong technical and economic background, I am comfortable with numbers, but I love walking in nature with my dog and cooking for friends while sharing pleasant evenings. My job allows me to accompany people who are facing a dramatic moment, relieving them of many inconveniences and tasks, allowing them to experience mourning more serenely.


Our entire team has customer care as its primary interest, wanting to completely relieve them of the heaviness of the organization and the bureaucracy of an event that no one would ever want to have to deal with.


I have been working in the funeral sector since 2012, after a past as a gardener. I have the ability to adapt to any situation, working to make each of our services perfect. I appreciate the importance of my work, because composure and precision are essential to carefully accompany the deceased and his loved ones in such a delicate and painful moment.


Graduated in BB Conservation. CC. Anthropological address, I then achieved the master's degree "Death studies - studies on death, dying and accompaniment" at the University of Padua. My studies have led me to conceive this work in a different and more complex way as it allows the encounter with "the other" and its worlds. Being able to help with competence and kindness is my greatest satisfaction.


Graduated from the F. Besta professional institute. I have always worked in direct contact with the public in various areas: baking, housewares, weddings, wine, rugby, ... Over time, human relationships and caring for others have become my leitmotif both in work and in personal life. I love inventing, creating and implementing what comes to my mind. I love animals, especially my "beasts" Olivia and Afra.


Graduated in Political Science in Padua with an international focus, after years of experience in the foreign trade of various companies in the Treviso area, I landed in the funeral sector. I speak fluent German, English and good French. I like working in contact with people and being able to organize an important event for them so that the separation is more serene.


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90 recensioni su
Francesca Piva
Francesca Piva
Professionalità ed empatia, qualità di squisita necessità, in momenti così delicati, grazie. Francesca
franco varotto
franco varotto
Grazie di tutto , per la sua professionalità, per la cortese accoglienza, e per l'ottimo servizio. Grazie a Voi siamo riusciti ad accompagnare con serenità il nostro caro.
Giovanna Piz
Giovanna Piz
Nei momenti di smarrimento e sconforto dovuti ad un lutto, è molto consolatorio trovare un'impresa che ti accolga e ti sollevi da ogni incombenza. La pazienza, la dedizione e la professionalità della Signora Roberta meritano ben più del nostro plauso riconoscente. Famiglia Piz
Stefano D'Andrea
Stefano D'Andrea
Quando si perde qualcuno di caro, queste sono le persone giuste cui affidarsi. Grazie
Grazia Vittoria Pellegrino
Grazia Vittoria Pellegrino
Servizio, anche se da lontano e senza contatti fisici, eccellente ! Grazie io non avrei potuto fare di meglio! Buon lavoro....continuate così.
Alessio Rossetto
Alessio Rossetto
Professionalità e servizio impeccabili. Complimenti ad Ivan e tutto il suo team.

the most important stages

Always keeping up with the times:


New structure used for the wake of the deceased, able to allow visits at any time to relatives and friends and the organization of all types of ceremonies, laic or religious, of any belief or form, thanks to various spaces specifically designed and dedicated to its indoor.

Maggiore flower shop
We take over the management of the flower shop located at the gates of the Treviso Major Cemetery in order to expand the services we offer. In addition to serving the funeral home, the florist takes care of the maintenance of tombs, the scheduled change of flowers and the washing and cleaning of the marbles.
DUESOTTO #ivantrevisin II Festival
Replicating the success of the first edition of our music festival, we present it again in the Loggia dei Cavalieri, a historic location in the heart of Treviso. The novelty of this edition was the live streaming broadcast in compliance with the post-pandemic restrictions.
We manage, with a group of local multidisciplinary professionals, all the tasks for a correct hereditary succession, relieving the customer of any problem in managing the transfer of real estate, companies, cars, current accounts and utilities.

First contest of artists' coffins which sees coffins signed by ten authors, including painters, writers, creatives and street artists who combine decorative art with the symbol of the cult of burial. The fantasy coffins had a temporary exhibition meeting the interest of the many visitors.

Sponsored by the Municipality of Treviso in collaboration with the Treviso association Musincantus, we have launched an international competition to promote the composition of new music or the reinterpretation of existing music in the funeral genre, both sacred and laic.
CONFIDO animal cremation
By acknowledging the needs of the people who are closest to the world of pets, we have created this parallel brand that takes care of funeral services for pets with dignity: collection, microchip cancellation, single or collective cremation.

We inaugurate an office outside the city walls of Treviso to innovate this sector thanks to young and motivated collaborators, creating a solid but at the same time dynamic corporate structure where we can work in harmony to welcome customers with human warmth.


Entry of Ivan Trevisin into the national executive of the national trade union Feder.co.f.it. and assignment of the presidency of the Veneto group: tangible possibility of always being promptly informed on the laws and on the bureaucratic and fiscal news of our sector.

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