Floral compositions have always been present on special occasions,
but the skill in the workmanship is given by the skill and artistic vision
that valid florists manage to harmonize in their creations.
We make use of these professionals who passionately advise us and accompany us in the choice of flowers
which alternates seasonally and which presents itself to us with infinite multiplicity of colors and specimens.

Fioreria Maggiore

Fioreria Maggiore is the name we have chosen for our new space in the square at the entrance to the San Lazzaro Cemetery in Treviso, right in front of the main gate.

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The Ivan Trevisin funeral home company offers its customers personalized floral services, taking care of creating decorations and compositions of all kinds. In such a painful moment as the loss of a loved one, the refinement and intense colors of the flowers can give a little beauty to such a sad day. Rely on the professionalism and discretion of the florist's staff who will take care of creating wreaths and compositions for funerals but also decorations for the funeral ceremony.

We are here 24/24 To provide professional advice for free.

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We are always available 24/24 to provide you with professional and clear advice, based on experience and technical knowledge and, if necessary, to draw up free estimates