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We will take care of coordinating what is needed to achieve your requests, taking care of you, with delicacy and attention, thanks to a master of ceremonies who will be available to alleviate the pain of this particular and delicate moment of your life and guide you through the phases of the ceremony.

The cause of death is the situation that initiates the process which ends with the passing of a person, it is used to monitor the health state of the population and is also recorded on the basis of the place where it occurs.


the timely verification of the death by the general practitioner or the 118 is relevant and so is preserving the conservation of the body by transferring it to the Funeral Home.


after receiving information from the local diplomatic office, contact us as only and exclusively the health regulations in force in that country will be applied.


The certification of the demise is the responsibility of the structure and conservation takes place in austere morgues with limited visiting times or in our Funeral Home completely at your disposal.


always and only the judicial authority, informed of the fact, requests the intervention of the health authorities and orders the removal of the body for autopsy and judiciary investigations.

Choosing the type of burial for your loved one is the most important phase in organizing the funeral service as it defines its actual organization.


It is the deposition of a single wooden coffin containing a body in a pit dug into the ground inside a cemetery and usually it is preceded by the funeral, a rite in which, depending on the various cultures, the memory of the deceased person is celebrated, commemorated, remembered or honored.


It is the burial in which the body is placed inside a zinc counter-case and housed in a hermetically sealed solid wooden coffin; subsequently the coffin thus packaged is placed in a concrete artifact such as a niche or a family tomb.


It is the process by which, through heat and not a live flame, the remains of the single deceased contained in a wooden coffin are transformed into its basic elements, meaning gas and bone fragments.

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We are always available 24/24 to provide you with professional and clear advice, based on experience and technical knowledge and, if necessary, to draw up free estimates